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Okay, just some information – originally we want to put EP3 as “anal” episode, but (as you can see) plans have changed a bit. So EP3 is gonna be mostly blowjob/deepthroat, with just some anal action at the end.

And the final EP4 is gonna be full-anal, without any doubt

So EP3 release is not so far away – there a lot of work ahead ofc, but nearly 70% is done already.

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  1. That’s amazing news. Can’t wait for EP3 to be released and even more excited about EP4. A couple of questions that I’m sure many want to know:

    1. Any idea when EP3 is coming out? Obviously, it will be done when it’s done. But any time period you’re aiming for? For instance, in time for Halloween?

    2. While I know you’ve already mentioned EP4 but any plans for what comes after? Will you be planning to continue with Lara And Horse or will you be moving onto something else?


    • Hello.
      I can’t say anything precise about releasing date, but right now it’s about of 70% is done.
      After i will finish LWH2, i will move to another characters of course. It’s really hard to keep working with the same faces for a half year.


  2. My only question is now that EP3 is mainly oral, will there be a cum scene at the end, or will it be like Ep1 where it leads into the next one where the ejac happens?

  3. Awesome! I was longing for the bj/deepthroat episode!

    I, too, would like to know if there’s a certain date you’re aiming for, but people like FreedomDust will probably be the white knights and hang me from the gallows if I do.

    Still, can’t wait!

  4. If episode 4 is gonna be full on anal, will there be any rimming? I would love to see Lara toss a horse’s salad while she jerked him off from behind.

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