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  1. Ух ты 60 процентов отрендерил. Похоже через неделю или две мы наконец то дождемся релиза!

  2. Animo said it was about 25% done about 11 days ago. I’m guessing that its fully rendered right now and is being edited together OR its already done and Animo is just a huge cock tease. (pun not intended)

    • I’d say your probably correct. . . because like yourself I’ve been paying attention to the dates and what the content creator has said, and well here we are, still no finished product.

      • It makes sense from a business point of view. You have a product that is of a good quality but is very finite. So you give little bits of it out at a time to build a “hype”. More people will buy into spending a little bit of money to get the early access to the small bits. I’m not nocking Animo, i just really want to see the new stuff! As long as this doesn’t turn into another “Girlfriends4Ever” release, ill be happy.

        • What happened with ‘Girlfriends4Ever’ that has you worried here?
          Curious because I was thinking about checking that out. I’d heard of it before.

  3. Sweet geezus this anal scene will ruin porn for me forever. I might not be able to jerk off to anything else, haha.

    • Damn I know what you’re saying.
      I can’t take any 3D porn seriously now that I saw this.

      Animo: The Porn Revolution.

    • What is surprised you? There are a lot of even usual porn within such position(obviously not with a horse), and of course huge amount of anime(with horses and beasts).

      • I have to agree i have saw lots of beastiality hentai my favourite ones are these with raped princess and warriors by beasts haha. There is enough material if you look around.

  4. The look of terror on her face as she realizes her body now belongs to that horse and its thundercock…. dick asplode.

        • you know not every country follows the same date format, right?
          also, why would you ask when you are evidently being trolled?
          i hate it when people need to be told how the world and the internet work.

          • You are idiots, people! June 12th – TODAY. Release cannot be today, if Animo write this post today with next preview part. Absolute dumbasses who managed to use keyboard! Of course, not every country follows the same date format and suncycles, assholes! Crush yourselves above the hammer!! Right in your tiny heads!1

            By the way, spraying is very cool. Nice work.

              • Oh, you’re absolutely correct. The Federal States of Micronesia also use Month/Day/Year.

                And how am I acting high and mighty when I point out that Mxyzptlk is acting high and mighty?

                • High and mighty as I may “act” (it’s no act, I assure you), doesn’t take away the fact that some people can’t add 2+2 and need even the easiest shit to be worked out for them by others..

          • Well, either you are troll, cock-tease, or you have inside information not permitted for us mere mortals, who literally cannot afford money on patreon.
            Knees have been reworked, correct? If not, then it’s okay. I believe this video will be awesome without this little detail. So, I cannot wait for release of video!

  5. Well, when you leave this unfinished?I have eggs just like that of a horse, all full of sperm and I’m still waiting when will you release this 4 episode….

  6. Just want you to know that you should take as much time as you need, good work like this can’t be rushed.


  7. *eats popcorn* better than cinema. Im sure the guys who complain are the 1 dollar suckers and they expect the most. I pay 20 and im happy when its done but it doesnt matter when.

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