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  1. Nice job… I think that you were to release it withouth announcing it… So it’s going to be on july isn’t it?

  2. i predict it’s the final deep penetration and the cum shot to be next so I assume 2more rendered sets of frames?

  3. So the end is near ? This will be a full release (Voice + Animation) or only the animation ? And thanks for you hard work, as alway :3

  4. Teasing a release date, now that’s what I call dedication. It’s like Square Enix and FF, “I will announce the release date on the [day] of [month]”.

    • He already said that it’s 20+ min. And stop asking for doggystyle in every post, he’s in the final stages already, he isn’t going to be adding more stuff in after the fact.

      • I ask about doggystyle because he can add frame inside the ep4 and i think not take more time
        Second thing about more than 50 min i know he say 20+ min
        U know 20+ maybe 21 min or 22 min all that 20+

        • If he adds more shit to the movie how would it not take more time, are you retarded? And shit man, 20+ mins means it will be around 20 mins, hes not gonna say 20+ mins and its gonna be fucking 300 minutes. Have some common sense dude

  5. The last 10 minutes is probably gonna be the “special thanks” credits. Fuck ton of names to put up there. And it’ll still be epic!

  6. Yeah, it’s going to be july… What a surprise! Don’t get me wrong animo, I love your stuff, but this is just ridiculous! Its just so funny cause there are so many idiots who pay 96$ a year to get two 20+ min clips in 1080p! And they don’t realize that you just wheedled out a two month donation of them! Therefore I like to thank all the patreons of animo for supporting him so that the rest of us can watch his stuff for free! Your the greatest exploitees in the world!

    • Yeah, overwatch would ne so nice, but unfortunately blizzard is quite strict when it comes to “adult” content… But just imagine roadhog+d.va or Reinhardt+widowmaker! This would really blow my mind (among other things)

      • Agree with you. SFM animations is poor direction of porn developments. Who need more? Go to #chans, retarded hyppies.

      • Because there are just SFM or gifs, but no quality animation of D.Va vs her bot, or Winston, or horse, etc…

  7. Are there any other such anime porn out there ?
    The Japanese ones are not as good as this!
    And haven’t found anything better than this so far!

  8. Dear Animopron !!!Well, once You release the 4th episode?I gave myself a vow that I will not masturbate until the 4th episode.But I just can’t wait!!!My balls can compete in size to the horse in your video!!!I’m looking forward to episode 4,that’s just awful!!!For this,You please release the video until the end of this month-WE’re ALL SO SUPERIOR PLEASE!!!!

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