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  1. My birthday will be at June 28. Dear Animopron, I really hope you will release EP4 before my birthday, it will be Best present I have ever get. U r doing excellent job. Thanks for everything.

  2. MAAAN, ive been checking this site everyday now. I seriously can not wait on the release.

    I just wish we could get estimates tho i mean i know last time you did some people raged, but thats why its an estimate, not a exact thing.

    at the very lease post what % the video is at til being release?

    • I estimate that 80 percent. Now comes the most challenging part of the rendering. Remaining one or two weeks I think

      • Why? It looks that most of scenes with liquid already rendered. The beginning and last few parts were with the liquid simulation already.

    • It’s immensely improbable that it won’t take at least another week. I’m not any happier about it myself but looking at the rate of progression so far and considering that the last scenes will take longer because of liquid simulation I think we’ll have to be patient a while longer. It may take just long enough for the next month and patreon payment to roll around, now wouldn’t that be a funny coincidence?

  3. The pictures are totally out of order. No Desktop-PC on earth since 2000 takes a month to render all the stuff, even if it would be 1 hour long and in 1080p. No way and I have some expierence in 3d-design and rendering. And you even said you fixed the knee-problem. You couldn’t just do that if it would really take that so long to rerender a whole scene. You’re just waiting for more money from your patreons for no damn reason. That’s just so insanely greedy. You should be ashamed. If I’m wrong then post your specs, your progress and all the software you really need. Because also your patreon description and income don’t fit the slightest in terms of what you’re funding.

      • Aren’t you curious why it takes so long? There is absolutely no reasoning. You can go look online and see how long rendering normally takes. I don’t need to have massive own projects to be informed and know that there’s something fishy.

        • I made a short animation in blender that had a duration of 20 minutes. I couldn’t leave my computer on for 7 days straight so i had to turn it off when the night came. That took me 20 days in total. That was kinda on par with the quality as animo’s animations. So don’t come here and act like an entitled shit just because you have a hard on for horse porn.

          • The problem(at least for me), that this graphics quality looks like the real time rendering. It is on the level of most modern PC games. Of course the liquid physics slows it down. My friend did some short clips in 3dmax and it was much better in terms of graphics quality than this. Here is no post-processing and no noticeable multiple light scattering.

        • He is not only rendering the stuff, he is also tweaking it with additional little details and camera play. Good Art takes time, simple fact.

        • Dude… Animo is greedy? He post main content wo delay for no patreons, he post updates few times a week, showing he works constantly, there was no major delay in work. Most Patreons projects are extended to the maximum, most updates are posted at the end or mid month, PO are getting more and more greedy shits over time. Considering current Patreon trends, Animo presents top quality work and customer aproach.

    • If you don’t like the work or you don’t like the wait juist leave. Patreon is juist donating for what you like. If you don’t like it you don’t pay, it’s really that simple. Stop your whining because animo is succesfull in what he does and you are failing in live. Don’t be jelly

      • I don’t have a problem that he gets the money. I’m totally for funding artists if you like your work and have some spare money that’s a nice thing to do. But if an artists gets 12k a month and needs over 1 month to render a video then there’s definitely something bad happening. Patreon should fund artist so they get the tools to create cool things and invest! If the description would say: Pay me for posting 3 pictures every 3 days of a movie I rendered in a week I don’t think anyone would pay.

    • I agree, the whole ‘it’ll be done when it’s done’ mantra comes from (and is valid for) free content, like game mods etc. If you’re getting $13k per month for something, you owe everyone a timescale, a rough schedule at least.

    • Couple things, 1 you obviously must be new here, becuase all the posts have been in order from start of scene til now.

      2, you know shit about rendering. Animo claims this movie will be about 20 mins long, so that is 1200 seconds, at 60fps, that is 72000 frames. An average frame (that is one without liquid) will take approximately 30 seconds to render, usually longer. So 72000 frame will take 36000 minutes to render, that is 600 hours, or 25 days.

      NON STOP, FULL TIME, 24/7…. Before he does any liquid for the money shot or makes any tweaks like knee fixing and shit.

      You also assume that all Animo has to do is this project. Maybe he has a full time job? Everyone here thinks because he has a patreon account you all own his ass. People are paying for a product that he is actively working on, you see progress every 4 or 5 days, it is not like the guy is taking the money and providing nothing in return.

      He has been nothing but transparent, and still people rag on him. If you are so disappointed in the timeline, withdraw support, or are you one of the thousands who come here and piss and moan when they have nothing invested?

      • 1: The video will not be in 60fps
        2: It does not take 30 seconds to render a single frame

        I’m not one of these people complaining because I know when the release Is. But It would be nice If animo did it himself in blog posts.
        “Hey guys here’s a new pack of frames, It’s about 87% rendered.”
        “Hey guys here’s a new pack of frames, Should be 2 to 3 days before release.”

        • He did that before – got same shit as he’s getting now, no difference.
          People will never be happy, but at least with no deadlines he can easily do things like “eh, you know what, this EP isn’t going to be half the size of EP3, it’s going to be the longest ever”…which is exactly what he did.
          Some people look so frustrated, like they just get off 2x a year, only when there’s a new Animo release.

  4. damn dude i dont know what software you’re using but its really slow. with all the money you’ve been getting cant you afford an upgrade? something to render faster?

    • i walk past a farm everyday when i go to work, i see a horse, i think of this, i get diamond, i have to walk past a school to get to work, sometimes i still have diamond in my pants when i walk past the school, releave me from this suffering

  5. Thank Him better to Animo, is not like other patreon artist, releasing images to gain a following and you really should join to view and download the full video … not required to deliver for one , is not a fixed-term employment …. is pure love of art and fap .. hehehe not counting the fact that he would come out easier and make more money by releasing only his followers payments ….
    become more aware

  6. Animo what the haters don’t know is how much frames are in each second the more frames the longer it takes to render and more frames is better quality and with liquids its even harder to animate it needs way more frames per second and cause most of the fluids are near the end it makes the rendering time even slower when your almost done

  7. all you cucks tryna suck up to him, don’t you even have the slightest doubt on why it’s not finished? like stfu on tryna be the perfect little cupcake and shit, you’re not gonna be rewarded anymore by sucking up to him… animo said it would be done in april, may, and then gave us an estimate in june, since then he’s disappeared on these updates and is only posting pics (which are nice) and not giving any estimations, that alone on not giving timed updates is quite weird… people who pay for his funds to make these things wanna know what he’s doing with our money and why it’s taking so long, cause from our pov, it looks pretty damn sketchy

    if you don’t understand, go ahead and keep being a cuck and agree with all his decisions, while you secretly rage at the fact that it’s not done

    • Yea Man U got a point, they need to get off his nuts fucking kiss ass cunts I bet half of yall to suck up to him don’t even donate

    • Except you don’t seem to understand how patron works. People DONATE to his patreon, not pay him. He is technically not required to do jack shit if he felt like it. That is why it is called a donation service. If you feel like you are getting screwed then it sucks to be you, because your DONATION entitles you to diddly fucking squat. So either stop DONATING to animopron, or sit down, shut the fuck up, and wait patiently with the rest of us.

      • I have to wonder, have people ever been to Patreon’s main page? Cause I have, and it’s not described as a donation service. It’s described as a voluntary funding service for artists and creators. As in; Yes, payments are voluntary donations. However, these donations are meant to fund the user’s projects or content. In every sense of the word, Patreon detonators ARE entitled to things for their money, hence why Patreon users get the previews, the HD versions of the video, everything! And so I happily reach across the isle and bitchslap you all as equals. Animo, the people desire a number, not further teasing. Haters, shut the fuck up already, if you’re donating you get shit almost every other day. And the kissasses, stop pretending you know everything about 3d animation when you don’t even remotely know. It’ll be done when it’s done and you should all be grateful that Animo didn’t just vanish for a month and a half like he very easily could have…

  8. Just logically, episode 3 was rendering over 20 days, with length around 16 minutes. This will take 20 minutes and more. The estimate is 30 days rendering. Stop crying and look forward to

    • Her asshole being ruined even further by that thing being dragged through it is even hotter to me. Also I’m pretty sure the ring will need to be intact for the ending.

  9. Dear author so we expect all of the video,thanks for the great new screenshots from episode 4!We all hope that work on episode 4 already coming to an end soon and we enjoy your wonderful work!!!I have a question:is it possible to put the animation next time?Just you for a very long time they were not posted and we all missed him very good Luck in the end over 4 episodes!

  10. I don’t see why so many people are complaining.Out of all the animated porn i’ve watched he is one of the the best if not the best at what he’s doing.Keep up the good work animopron.

    • Many people are simply big children. Incapable of living a full life irl and checking in here every so often when they can remember to pick some top notch free 3D pr0n. Instead they allow it to upset them to the point of genuine emotion.

      These people can vote. SMH.

  11. So he’s been putting up pictures ever 3 days or so
    he releases the pictures 4 at a time
    and each picture set shows his progress relative to already rendered frames in past dates
    for example
    these ones are equivalent to around the April 14th/24th pictures
    the last four pictures were the equivalent to the posts from april 2nd to 10th
    and the ones before that march 19th to the 30th
    so on average every 4 picture image set catches him up to may 26th,when he started rendering,by about 10 days or so
    by that logic the next picture set he puts out should be on 20th and should include renders from may april 28th to around may 10th /13th or so
    and then another rendered set on the 23rd where its from the 13th or 17th to the 27th
    which should put the last rendered set and the release around the 26th or 29th of june when he renders the last final set

    tldr;release in my opinion on the 26th or 29th

    • more examples
      the june 8th rendered set is from march 3rd to around the 17th 14 days
      the june 4th rendered set is from February 22nd to around march 1st 10 days
      the june 2nd rendered set is from January 30th ,which is around when he started February 18th 19 days
      add them all up and average them out 14+10+19+10+8+11= exactly 12 days on average
      so yeah april 24th to may 6th to may 18th to may 30th
      or 4 more sets should be the absolute latest id imagine it would take to finish with the latest release id imagine on july 1st

      • The release Is on the 20th.
        He had to go back and fix he knee thing, with extended the release like 5 days.

  12. I love your work Animopron, and i hope ep4 gets released this weekend or even this couple of hours, i wish i could donate but i don’t have the right card for it.

    And please do what feels right don’t listen too much to these guys that want bondage and all this shit keep it simple like your first video’s

    And can you please make a version without that stupid cockring it looks very distracting

    • “please do what feels right don’t listen too much to these guys that want bondage”
      “can you please make a version without that stupid cockring”

      You are a hypocrite

  13. I think if he wants to release a version only with sound, we will wait on episode 4 another three weeks. So my type for the release date is July 12.

  14. Love your work, that God bless you, pray every day to be released the final epi , I pray also for those guys who are discussing the reason for the delay

  15. Want to know that also looks really good? A slutty Lara. (Imagine saying that last part with Cleveland from Family Guy)

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