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  1. Here we are, around 3 weeks after he “Started rendering”, Hes got it done already, hes just not releasing it cause then his cash stops flowing, the new Warcraft movie took 1 month to render and it is 2+ Hours of serious 1080p CGI with 1000% more Detail per frame than this ever will and they rendered that in 1 FUCKIN MONTH, With guess what? 2 $10k computers, YOU MAKE OVER 10K A FUCKIN MONTH, You should be dropping these videos once a bloody week! But no, your too greedy to hire more people to work with you, YOUR SITTIN ON A MULTIBILLION DOLLAR IDEA, But greed prevents you from growing to a huge company… You damned fool.

    • you know what ? you are fucking damn right bro ! btw if any of you know kind of animations like this pls put link as reply

    • Nah man thats not true. There would be no point for him to sit on it for an extra week…thats nothing compared to the amount of development time.

    • It doesn’t help that he’s never saying anything about how much time it takes to render, and generally communicating better with the pleb (yes, us).

    • That´s because they use several computers with high end hardware. This isn´t a fucking multi million dollar project like a Hollywood movie. He does everything on his own (creating, cutting, rendering etc.) so to compare this with a movie where over 1000 peope are working is bullshit. He also went back to fix some things (like it says in the post), it just takes time to make everything look good. So stop being a impatient whining cunt and just wait a few more weeks for the release.

      • That’s the problem though, he makes way more than enough to hire 2 more people to increase his animations quality and production speed, But he’s a greedy cunt, as the post above says

    • They probably have super huge computers designed to render that some with programs worth hundreds of thousands. You cannot compare a movie based render to something like this. That is just a ridiculous assessment.

    • >they rendered that in 1 FUCKIN MONTH, With guess what? 2 $10k computers,

      Bahahahahahahah! I’m sure Industrial Lights and Magic decided to fucking render their fully animated feature-length film on $20,000 worth of hardware. Nevermind that it takes the likes of Pixar several months on supercomputers with 10s of thousands of cores to render their movies, ILM somehow managed it with two whole machines in just a month!

      I guess that wouldn’t be so hard to believe in the world you apparently live in where Animo is sitting on a “multibillion dollar huge company” that produces ANIMATED BEASTIALITY that won’t come to fruition because he’s too “greedy” to release an animation every week and it has nothing to do with him being a one-man team producing ultra-niche content and learning along the way.

      I hope you truly appreciate the context of this being the comments section for fucking animated horse porn when I tell you that you need to step back and really evaluate your priorities and outlook on life if an extended render time on your spank-material caused you to come up with this kind of teeth-gnashing conpsirarcy theory.

    • You do know this is 1 guy and not a multi million dollar company, right?
      Also, Patreon is not a check pay, its a DONATION. He’s not being paid a check, the money he gets are given to him by people who like his work, its given by their own free will to contribute.

      You damned fool of a took.

    • Haha, that’s so nice. Of course man, i’m driving a fucking Ferrari already. It’s about time for me, to start building some skyscrapers in NY.
      It’s so funny to read some “experts” in CGI, who tells you how to work better/faster. Or even compare your amateur works to a Hollywood movies.

      I’ve start working with EP4 in February, which was 5,5 months ago. So it’s gonna be exactly like EP3 – release after ~6 months of work, which is fine for this lenght/quality.

      • Dude. Just discovered your work. This is stupendously good stuff. I’m just glad that someone with your skills shares similar kinks and is prepared to spend the time on this kind of content.

        The odds of all these things are tiny and yet people still piss and moan. Haha.

    • The advantage of being a huge company that renders movies is that they can use clusters of computers to render much quicker, as well as using many clusters to render several parts at the same time.

      If you calculate the amount if processing power required for a high detail 1080p movie with physics simulation, you will find that is takes far longer than you would imagine. Just because your fancy Skyrim is rendered in real time doesn’t mean that professional 3d renders are quick.

      I honestly think animopron should make a post about the mathematics about 3d rendering to make 12-year olds less prevalent among those that comment.

  2. The wait is very frustrating…but Im just glad he’s still providing content to the non-paying public too. SFM content creators have videos that they only provide for paying patrons, but Animo Pron hooks it up regardless of whether you pay or not. I hope decides to go into kinkier weirder content other than just horses.

    I’d love to see Samus get plugged by some freak abominations, like monsters or giant insects.

      • They haven’t touched that project in a while. It’s been well over three months with no new news. At this point, I’m hoping someone else will come out with some hq 3D Nntndo porn because it’ll be closer to a year before they even get close to picking it up again, due to a whole line of other projects taking their priority.

    • Guys, Source Engine™ is very bad to prevent creating huge animations like porn or very different action scenes, because engine no have a lot of physical inclusions to simulate real object with all (or almost all) “eyes-brighting” reality. Its just a movie-creating sandbox. If you don’t knew that.

    • I think that, after she regained her bearings, with supreme effort she managed to slid off horse cock, using his hind legs as improved floor for her to bounce off…
      Of course that was after she was literally turned inside out by his
      powerful movements; no wonder she fainted
      It’s good that you remove that rag-doll knee thing; It was small but important piece of anomation.
      Now, I think you are just cock-tease. Rendering such big piece of animation, alone, must be hard…

      • How she repairing bearings? With healthy spray? Or magic potion?> Or another dlldo? lol
        Oh, I forgot – with the collar, sure.

        • No, no, she is clearly crying in second one; reason is obvious.
          I think she is at this level completely addicted to the feeling of destroying her own body on something this big, so she must use some form of suggestion on herself. Something like:
          “Come on Lara, you can do this. You love it, So shut up and think what your MOTHER would say!”
          That much of cock-enthusiasm simply MUST be in genes…

  3. Dear author,well, once you stop keeping us in the dark on account of the fact that we don’t know at least the APPROXIMATE release date for episode 4???The video is SO LONG DONE???I’m sorry,but You have an old computer???Because you are already a fortnight, we promise to upload videos sharing….PLEASE,YOU ALL ASK-WELL, TELL ME WHEN WILL YOU RELEASE THE 4TH EPISODE (AT LEAST THE APPROXIMATE RELEASE DATE…).

  4. Guys hes not gonna say a release date because last video he did and he was absolutely on the ball with everything and i fogot what happened but it got a little delayed and everyone flipped out (shit happens)

  5. Animo, just don’t mind the negativity form people raging over free stuff
    If they wanted to make a difference, they can always sign up for Patreon and comment there…
    And thanks for fixing the knees!

    • They also can going smash yourselves above the wall\car\plane\train\kindergarden’s sitter. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  6. You idiots are getting free top-notch porn or ACTUALLY PAYING FOR PORN LOL and still complaining? If you don’t tone this down I won’t be surprised if animo just stops making it and no more free porn for you, dumbasses.

  7. Amateur work in 3DS Max is very difficult and time-consuming, enough talking, stop crying and calm wait. Perfect work Animo!

  8. 12k$/ month… easy life ?
    6-7 months for one episode = 70k$
    also I had everything in the ass

    As for the approach because it ‘s really more money since I practically do not write off anything that more should already now specify a completion date out of respect for the people who are paying their hard earned money on fucking porn

  9. Ok here’s the story from the four pics pic 1 she dismounted the horse pic 2 she’s thinking agh it hurts pic 3 she’s like this is the best thing ever pic 4 she’s putting on the coller

    • Wasn’t the collar supposed to stop the horse from penetrating her so deep? Her ass juices are already all the way down the cock, it doesn’t make sense. I’m already sensing the disappointment coming from this episode

  10. Wait a minute. If they’re saying Animo is sitting on a multi-million dollar idea, just how is it possible that this community of cry-babies who keep complaining about the release date has not partnered yet? Apparently, all it takes is a couple of animators and a couple computers worth a dozen thousand dollars each. Just what the hell are they waiting for?

  11. People need to cool their jets. While I can understand people being ansty about the release date (especially patrons), Animopron’s work is beyond top-notch. So it’s worth the wait – no matter how long it takes. I have scoured the internet for years and there are only a handful of CGI porn artists with quality like Animopron and, of those, I have found only Animopron creating this kind of high-quality porn. So people need to chill out. If they don’t we could all lose the only talented porn artist of this niche out there. Is a few weeks or another month worth that? Get on with your lives and check back when the work is done. I know I do.

    • Thank you for seemingly being the only other sane person who ever comments on these posts. I’d be legitimately scared to meet anyone else here based on how rabid and crazed they sound in their posts. Especially that weirdo who talked about Animo being “greedy” and sitting on a “multi-billion dollar” idea.

  12. While we’re still commenting on the knee thing… Has anyone else noticed that sometimes it seems Lara doesn’t have shoulders either?

    • Sorry guys my computer lags a lot because of the rendering, I meant September 30. Meanwhile check out my Patreon.

    • Why so quickly? 30th, December, before New Year. Santa-Horse or some Monster bang the slutty girls. Another idea like RockCandy’s adult flashes))

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