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  1. Hey animo, posting this comment here as well in case you haven’t read it in your last gif post:

    Hi Animo

    Love your work, so i decided to leave a few of my thoughts – take them as you wish, hopefully they will help you with your future work.

    First of all, I love what you did with Lara so far – everything up to the final episode was great (minus small stuff like animation or model looking weird at times, but those are irrelevant), but i must say – the all-through penetration and the x-ray scenes seem like a big waste of time and potential to me. I understand that the demand for weirder, kinkier shit is high (i have a large variety of fetishes myself, that are hard to fulfill sometimes) but i think you are channeling your energy and time incorrectly with these 2 scenes. Honestly, the all-through scene didn’t do much for me…i wanted it to but i just switched back to episode 4 and enjoyed that one way more.

    Now, i will list what I loved so far, and what I would like to see from now on – so if anyone disagrees, keep in mind, these are simply MY thoughts – i am not asking him to do things my way, just to consider them.

    The things that i loved so far in the Lara clips – starting with my favorites:

    1. When Lara takes the lead: i loved the moments when she did whatever she wanted to, when she was controlling the cock and what it did and where it went. I loved it when she had full control over the blowjob, when she was spanking her butt begging for the cock, when she spread her pussy and ass to beg for it again, when she was measuring the cock to see how much will go inside her before she added the bracer, every time she teased like that it was amazing – small moments like this are very powerful and hotter than actual penetration sometimes. I don’t enjoy it when the horse fully restricts her and she is stuck there almost looking like a ragdoll – she is the star so she should always have some control, and the horse should just fuck her however SHE wants it. In the rare moments where she just loses herself to pleasure and the horse is going at it she should move her body, sort of fucking the horse back..not just sitting there (although she did this a few times – those were nice).

    2. When Lara positions herself: Some of my favorite moments are when she is positioning herself just before penetration – especially in episode 4 when she lays on her belly – but she should look more excited (maybe smile in anticipation, then change expression during actual penetration – i know facial animation is hard though)

    3. When Lara is in full pleasure: Love the look on her face and how she was rolling her eyes in episode 2 and sticking her tongue out – that should happen more often, including drooling.

    4. I think i liked it better without the voice actress – the new sounds are too repetitive and the old voice fits her better.

    Already wrote too much so here is what i am going to say: Either use these in the next project, OR don’t move on from Lara just yet – there is so much more potential with her, it’s insane, and her model is already finished and everyone loves her.

    I will now list what i’d like to see in the future, maybe even in more Lara scenes:

    1. More girl in control positions: I want to see Lara ride that cock herself – cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, squat on it (this would look great), spoon fucking where she jerks the cock with one hand in her ass/pussy, make her do ass/pussy to mouth all by herself (i recommend watching the Affect 3d animation with the one futa girl – lots of inspiration can be drawn from there).

    2. Imagine this: Lara wants 2 cocks, but the horse is too big so – 2 ponies (no, not the MLP ones, actual pony models – there’s porn with them, find it yourself and see). Basically they are tinier and can be used in a larger variety of positions, but they still have massive cocks. With them you could do a variety of stuff: Double penetration (check the hentai Otome Dori episode 2 for a device to draw from, to use for DP), spit-roast, DP while she is on top (legalporno.com can be used for inspiration) DP while she is in doggy position (again, legalporno.com), double anal penetration..and so on. Also, you gotta do some proper doggy style, where Lara is on ALL fours while the 2 ponies take turns fucking her ass and pussy.

    3. If there are going to be scenes with 2 girls (you mentioned the Quiet scene will have 2) then all of the above can be a potential endless source of ideas. Get 1 horse for each girl and let them go wild – do both identical positions (they both fuck doggy style while the 2 girls frenchkiss or something) or random positions, ass to mouth, mouth to mouth, ass to ass, cum play, cum swap etc.

    Of course, these are just elements i’d like to see spread throughout the future scenes – you are still the creator and probably already know “the script” but just keep the things i listed in mind. And i hope the majority of your fans agree with some of the shit i listed. Just remember – sometimes the small details can be hotter than the actual fucking.

    Good luck !

  2. Hallo ,
    thx a lot for a few x-ray pictures, I can not wait to full video…
    But one idea ; often around the horsewoman running one or two dogs. They can also add some cocks to the pleasure ….

  3. Hi,
    it looks awesome so far. I’d like to see the X-Ray in future videos aswell,
    especially X-Ray with pussy penetration!

  4. Why make it to have the x-ray on or off? You can simply watch ep 4 to watch it with it off. The whole point of x-ray is to have it on. You will just waste more time working on it. Just finish it already so you can that on the Quiet video already!

    • A hman colon and intest are what? 9 meters long or something? Yet lara managed a all the way through penetration from the horse and survived. She also managed to deep-throat the stallion in previous episodes. I think we left the realistic stage quite some while ago but i dont think its a wase of time just because of that. Thats what animation are good for, right? Impossible things all of the sudden becomes possible…

  5. What I miss is a happier expression on her face. She is sad all the time. Another thing is, as I admire anal fisting girls, self fisting and lesbian anal fisting, I would love to see it with Lara. For instance, a Horse likes to much on apples. Lara puts an apple deep in her ass, reaches inside from behind into her ass, takes the apple out sticky and drenching from her ass juices. leaving a big gape behind, and feeds the horse with the sticky apple to his happiness Lara could squirt also, pee in her own mouth or onto the horse, etc. As you will introduce another girl in the future, let them make anal and vaginal fisting to each other, sharing drinking juices of each other, kissing, spitting, that is all love.

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