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  1. I have been waiting for this video for far to long now!…. am I the only one but I feel like my nuts are about to explode…

  2. This horse and it’s movements always look so odd to me, but at the same time the quality is so up there that i can all too happily ignore such things. Really, you have dome some astounding work for something that people wank to. It’s time like these that i lament being poor.

  3. This man, Animo Trolling Level is Astounding “It’s still early to say the releasing date – i will annouce it before 2-3 days before the release” LMAO the amount of hate he’ll be receiving is totally understandable and hilarious

  4. pretty fucking bullshit… donating shit for next project, this right here is how you lose supporters… inconsistent, aloof, and unreliable as hell. original release date was set around april, FUCKING APRIL… it’s now june, actually end of june and still nothing, just pics we’ve already seen before, all animo says is that it’s too “early” for a release date. wtf does that even mean lol… sounds like he wants to wait until july for more patrons, and before you kissassing suck ups defend him once again.. think about this whole process for a min, but then again you guys are probably the ones not paying and don’t wanna piss him off cause you guys are bitches, which is why you kissass in the first place

  5. Besides. Im guessing that most of the people here that complains arent even a patreon supporter. Guess what? You cant demand anything for something that you look at with your own free will and without paying anything for it. I can understand those paying and want something in return but then again, they would probably tell animo that via patreon and not via comments here… I am too anxious for the release but at the same time i think its up to animo to decide when he wants to release his own work..

    • The people here aren’t complaining because it’s so long since the last episode, they’re complaining because he’s always postponing the release! If he says right now: “sorry guys, got some problems, it’s going to be released on the 1st of august” nobody would be angry with him! He’s just teasing and that’s why the people here are pissed!

      • I didn’t see any post where he says about postponed release. I personally hate poor quality of animation and graphics(for such long work).

      • Still. If you are supporting by Patreon than, yes. I can totally buy the critics. You spent money on something and you want some value for the money – I totally get it.

        But then again, I would think that those comments would end up on Patreon and not here.

        For all of those that want it all and want it for free – sure thing. But you cant really complain about either quality and/or release date if you enjoy someones work for free. Of course you could let everyone know what your thoughts are, but I still dont think that Animo needs to pay attention to that kind of critics.

        If you like the art – you are welcome to watch. If you for some reason dont like the quality, release date, sound or whatever – then dont watch. No ones forcing you. Its as easy as that.

        Its not like your going to the cinema and want your money back for watching a bad movie. Its FREE ffs. If you are halfway into the movie and dont like what you see – stand up and walk out. Its as easy as that. From the sound of it a lot of people complain just like they paid full price for something and want their money back. When I suspect that most of the people complaining actually never spent a dime on Animos work and still complains about his Patreon earnings, release dates, postponing, quality, the looks of Laras knees, and so on, and so on.

        Reality check – please!

  6. Amazing work, as always. Great view of the beast mounting the sexy kinky Lara and catching her expression at the same time of the extreme penetration… Such a huge tease and immense erotic art level. Take your time for the complete realise and also I guess, will be very important the audio/sounds effects on this video.. so, no rush at hole. I totally trust your amazing talent.

  7. Regarding the hate-comments I should advise Animo to skip the release of ep4 (for free), at least I should do that in his place.

  8. I just stop fallow and come by to check out around september. Good luck Animopron in collecting money. Hope you grab a lot. You probably know that delays are bad for business

    • Every type of business today use only that one model and no others. Monkeys in the world, all of them, gone down in a diving ass-hole primate punishments. No exceptions. Here one thing left behind – porn, natural mature porn, ’cause they no have abilities to do something else, something right. All going wrong. All Shall Fall.

      Rust in pieces, Earth – welcome back, Prehistoric Dimensions’ Era.

  9. If you do not understand the delay in release , read a little about crowdfunding and you will understand , it is not about Renders , liquids , knees, shoulders or anything elshttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowdfunding#Rewards-basede

  10. You’re such a fucking jew, Animo. Don’t wait for July 1st. Just release it already instead of milking us for cash.

  11. Her face…in that last frame…that’s how the reaction should look like And imagine the sound!
    I just hope he won't just slide in (and out) after a few tries…we should recognize the effects of her barriers inside tearing, the resistence of her meat giving away, her body should be literally smacking against the stone when the horse finally weighs in – you won't just keep standing or crouching there, not even your elbows and knees would support you when 1000 pounds of force hits you from behind.

  12. You guys have no idea how Patreon works.

    Animo’s Patreons enjoy his work so much that they want to give a little money to help him continue it. They’re not paying specifically for a product. If they’re not happy, they can leave at any time and it wouldn’t even affect the schedule. If Animo wanted to ‘milk’ them, he would just never release anything.

    As for everyone else, you’re getting high-quality material absolutely for free. So why don’t we all just sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

    • Because when you announce something to impatient followers, and you fuck with them, then you are getting excrements hurled in your face.

      • Which is normal habit of about 80% ape-like animals, including us, when something is not going right, or at million different occasions.
        Technically, Animo is required to do jack-shit; it’s his personal work and imagination and skill that allows us mere mortals to see something very wicked, perverted and whole taboo.
        So I suggest shut the fuck up ALREADY and wait for release.
        Animo can make these videos forbidden for nonpaying viewers, and it’s just his good will that he didn’t do so already.
        Haters-bashing aside, that face is priceless:). As was said in one of comments, she is made of rubber, so aside from extreme and permanent stretching she is currently enduring, guro doesn’t have a place at this site, even internal guro for that matter.
        One question: anyone guess what has been happening with this weird butt plug of hers in time of womb penetration? In my opinion, it should vanish inside her so deep, that she would require help of Samantha to take this out.
        Now, when it is outside, Lara should use it to stop her stomach from emptying; if she remains conscious, of course:)

    • Totally agree with you. Who dont like amazing huge animo’s work can just leave and go back to another s…t low quality , boring, whatever 3d porn website.
      Here an artist is producing art, and it keeps the tame that it takes. And will thankfull for that forver. That’s why I keep sustain through little donation his amazing jobs. He is unique and incerdibly talented.

  13. Monday left me broken
    Tuesday I was through with hoping
    Wednesday my empty arms were open
    Thursday waiting for love, waiting for love
    Thank the stars it’s Friday
    I’m burning like a fire gone wild on Saturday
    Guess I won’t be coming to church on Sunday
    I’ll be waiting for love, waiting for love
    To come around

  14. Personally, Id keep postponing it just to get a giggle out of all the people whining about not getting free, absurdly petty stuff. Private school elementary students are less entitled.

  15. all you guys defending him till you die… this isn’t anyone’s fault but animo, and you all sucking up to him is the reason why he’s able to do this. we are the viewers and donators, that doesn’t mean we deserve everything but we certainly do have the right to voice our opinions since this is being made for us, our validation, money, positive reviews, etc. is what he wants in return, don’t forget that, and i know deep down every single one of you wants to know whats going on, the ones defending are just too much of a bitch to say anything. if more information on the release date was given, no one would be mad. even if it was delayed from april/may, if we got some date after, we’d be fine, but instead he doesn’t give a release date or even an estimation, cause he doesn’t want to feel “obligated” to do what he said he was going to do, no release date allows him to just crowd fund and release it when he feels while we just stay in the dark and wonder, no one will 100% know the reasons, but it’s certainly not unreasonable at this point for everyone to start thinking something sketchy is up

    • “It’s still early to say the releasing date” how is this not sketchy? How can you not tell the rendering % and keep saying shit like this?

      • Im hater, but here I will protect him. Now it is not about rendering, but about making sound. At least I hope that he was smart enough to do sound for already rendered parts. Otherwise shame for him.

    • Brah, the rendering is done. Seems like he is adding in voices and stuff right now. Yeah I agree I would like to know what’s going on but I believe he working on it. He doesn’t do a set date because anything can happen. He has a life ya know, he isn’t doing this 24/7.

  16. Despite delays , I think that he is still one of the best 3D animators in this genre. And Lara with Horse is definitely the best I’ve seen. Like the animation Svarorg Woldmen and Centaurs .
    Is there anything similar stored somewhere on the internet?

    • I believe it is not only about rendering, maybe some montage needs to be done, maybe work with sound, maybe also raw video weights to much so it needs to be converted in other format, and dont forget about upload, so there is a lot of work, rendering is not final stage.

    • Remember I counted the posts when he said he started rendering to the post saying
      25% completed, witch would mean at 15 july 100% completed.
      Tho from what i understand some parts takes longer or shorter to render, so cant count like that.
      He is prolly fixin with other stuff now, like for example things other anon mensioned in post b4 me.

      • Yes, first part is full of liquid. So it was slow. Converting video is very fast on modern PC. So I think it is about sound editing. I would did sound on 3d scenery stage. It is additional work, but you don’t need do sound at the end separately and care about direction of it and different emitters.

  17. Oh man, Lara with horse ep4 AND Scarlet Nights coming out at the end of the month. It’s a good time to be a pervert!

  18. Look on the bright side people at least we are getting it with sound and won’t have to wait since it’s the grand finale I’m pretty sure it’s gon be good

    • В коментах пишут что возможно к 1 июля все будет готово, насколько я помню, с прошлым эпизодом была аналогичная история, после того как выложили последние скрины. Спустя 5-6 дней вышел в релиз 3 эпизод. Думаю что тут будет аналогично

      • базарю 100% перенесет релиз на июль, чтобы патроны подписались еще на 1 месяц

        • воу,русичи появились)))имхо этот эпизод выйдет не раньше чем скарлет от sfm

        • Не соглашусь… донатеры и так получат полную версию до фри релиза и инфы у них больше чем у нас нищебродов. Тут нет смысла тянуть основная масса доната отключится к середине июля так или иначе. И ему придется набирать новых заинтересовав их новым проектом.
          Парень безусловно затягивает время все таки почти 15 тонн баксов на дороге не валяются но… Бог ему судья.
          Вообще он выбрал неверную методу. Лучше бы выпускал более короткие эпизоды раз в два месяца и за год его доход вырос бы в разы.

  19. Lol Delays it till July, collects extra Patreon fees from fools who pay into this while everyone else gets it all for free. I’m loving this

    • Even if I was free. But it should not come I dare say this team did not issue a free jar of Edo. You have to dare to say this again.

      • Who says I donated one cent to animo? Lol I mean I make up accounts on the spot to post comments, you don’t need any kind of real email to post here you know. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve to get money for his work just that should he be delaying it till July for one more Patreon funded pay day…. Well I suggest to all members of Patreon that you cut off your donations now. He has no more previews to give. The final product is ready and will be available on numerous websites post launch. There is no reason to continue donating in July, save your money

        • lol what a bitter dumb motherfucker. they donate to him because they like his work and they know the delays are to get the most perfect video before release. as he did with the other ones.

  20. Amazing job as always animo. Take your time for the relise. Quality is more important than speed. Your job and your choices are way infitely more important of those who just criticise without have a clue of what donation method is. Thanks for be so patient.

  21. Animo is very good, but there is another person who believes style porn fill the stomach with monster cocks?

  22. At this point he might as well release it on the first cuz it only 3 days away and it seems like its what he intends to do for sum odd reason

  23. I love how much of a cult following animo has now. Say one thing about anything animo does and your suddenly and instantly shot, mamed, then forced to get raped a by a horse.

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