4 final full-res rendered from upcoming EP2

Okay, today i’ve finaly render all AO stuff, and compose all frames i’ve got for now. It’s now only left some ending and sound stuff. Can’t say exactly when the release is gonna be, but it’s very close.

I really like this animation, it’s the best of all my works so far. It was a lot of changes throughout the development, and i really happy that it’s almost finished. Hope you will also like it

Right here you can check out a 4 full-res frames, from the final version of animation.

Also, if you like this project, and want to see your (nick)name in titles – there’s still time to become a patron There’s also another full-res preview available here.


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  1. It wouldn’t be the same experience without sound/s/voice, speaking of which do you grab them from a website or do you have people for that?

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