3000$ Milestone!


Today we’ve reached a 3000$ milestone! It’s a huge achievement, great thanks to everyone, who support this project! You are the best

As i promise, i will now learn to create some X-Ray views, it’s not so hard, but i’l need some time to achieve some good results here. So, right now i’l continue working on LwH2 project, and right after release i will add these X-Ray views on it.

Right now i dunno what will be the next “4000$” goal, but i will come up with something in a days.

Again – thanks to everyone, who keeps this project alive

If you are still not my patron, but you really like my works – be sure to become it, cause it’s a lot of cool stuff i post there, and don’t forget about special FullHD versions of animations, available only for supporters!


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