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  1. Hey animo, one curiosity question here: close to the end of the last episode, during the fastest a**l f***, will you do that Lara is with her tongue out (in a way that she is enjoying like crazy)?
    (bonus question: will she film her “final state” in the end, or the movie will end directly after the horse step back?)

    • maybe it could end with the horse literally fucking Lara to death like he almost did here. the horse just keeps fucking her deep in the ass and cumming multiple times until she is completely lifeless and the camera fades to black. ‘The End’

      • Almost, but it shouldn’t look like she just fell asleep or fainted.
        It should be something spectacular, like overfilling with cum to the point of explosion, while she’s awake and aware what’s going to happen until the end.
        After the burst she crawls to the horse that lays on the ground in the meantime, hugs his cock for the last time and despite all the pain and agony suffered through EP4 she passes away with a smile on her face.

        Or, the horse can start pissing on her…but then, still streaming, continues inside her pussy.
        That may do way more inflation than cum and/or very vigorous and desperate fighting for freedom.
        Should repeat that trick later with throat too.
        And imagine Lara getting throated, when a 2nd horse runs in and rams her pussy.
        Then they literally fight (with their front legs – http://pic2.jiu3000.com/upload/2013/11/24/4/29598081855510306.jpg ) over her body, while filling her from both sides.
        #epic, boom, fireworks!

  2. I think you shouldn’t stop at episode 4 and keep making more stuff, and diversify it. Keep making new scenes – various types – in the same movie and include more fetishes, like idk…belly inflation or something.

  3. From what i’ve seen on the last video, i feel really sorry for Lara A-hole. Getting assfu*ked till the very ballsack, long and passionate, with all detail and action twists, terrific gapehole that it will give her. Dude, this is just goddamn perfect what you are doing. It is a true masterpiece, a dream come true to so many people and so many to come in the future finding it on the web
    Animo deserves statue of himself in the hall of fame of porn, to honor his work At very least!
    With love,

  4. You are the best Animo! Yor videos are great, but when do you release the LwH3 episode with sound? You wrote it schould take 2-3 days but its now over 4 days ago… But thanks for the work Animo!

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