3 new frames from EP4

Check out these 3 new frames from EP4
It’s not the final look of course – in the final version, it should be a “mini-cam” with Lara’s face here as well.
The final “action” segment of EP4 begin, so it’s not so many scenes left to do.

Right here you can check out a penetration preview, if you’re my patron.
Check them out

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31 Responses

  1. This is going to be amazing when it releases…

    Does anyone know who the next character will be that he uses? Or at least what the options are?

  2. It won’t work, it Won’t work, IT WON’T WORK…
    You really shouldn’t, in my humble opinion, reveal nothing more than that. Let it be sweet ( and painful) mystery…

  3. The cock collar could move when penetrating to the base of his cock. Then he could cram full lenght cock into her anus and finally reach climax. After orgasm he can pulled out his cock and cock collar loose inside. Lara could cock collar pull out with their fingers

    • No, no! It should stay in place, so Liara can experience a full brunt of penetration, enhanced by this little belt…

  4. MMM looks so encourajing that stallion hard as a granite column in front of that arched back sexy ass of Lara.. Love the idea to catch the facial expression of Lara when the horse attempt roughly his impossible penetration… hope it will be wild and painfully kinky…

  5. I want to “feel how the cock slides”, all the motion/reaction make it feel real.
    Probably you can do more in virtual realm than reality itself can do

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