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  1. Wow! Is it really time for gut-scrapping penetration, already? I swear I hear her screams of pain/pleasure right now. If only someone would not be such a damn tease…
    ( gives a baleful stare for aforementioned author )

  2. I always come and read the comments when their is a new post :p I love all the stuff people post here and how desperate they sound XD hahaha :p But I have to admit I’m really longing to see this episode myself!

      • Yeah I know. I sometimes ( okay, VERY OFTEN ) feel like I’m going straight to hell for all of this little, dirtiest, freaky fanasties you can imagine… bestiality is one of them. I guess point is, DO NOT fall to these urges… anyway, it’s good to see someone who see this, and don’t think too badly about us…

    • I rather think that this is unmistikable sign of flare, which, as you know from biology ( and his/her works ) is part of horse-cock anatomy. Shape of bulge on her stomach? I think that horse fucks her so hard that her stomach didn’t have time to adjust to new and huge object inside, and angle in particular…

      • Ok it might be that, but still that cock looks smaller inside her and i know its tightening it but well i would make it more on all the way

        • now it is collar prevent to not pushing full cock inside. but maybe thingy would be broken or slide up, who knows how Animo think about.

      • She should be trying not to throw up when it gets so deep it hits her stomach from inside – and then fail to stop it when an extreme thrust ruptures it and she literally vomits cum.

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