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Ok, it’s here!
These “x-ray’s” was very hard to make – that’s why you don’t see enough of this stuff in 3d. However – i think the result is very good, and few months of work was worth it

Also – i’ve improved sounds here as well. I’m very happy with it – i finally take enought time to polish it, so it’s much better than it was before.

Check it out

P.S. I will update the original “non x-ray” version sound as well.

FULLHD 1080p, 5.1 sound (1,6 GB) Version download (supporters only)
Watch on Shadbase.com
Download (720p, stereo): Torrent (magnet)

Download (720p, stereo): Mega (no farts sound version here)
Download (720p, stereo): GoogleDrive (no farts sound version here)
password: animopron

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Update on release 2

Guys, i will take +1 day on voice composing – for a better result. Right now it’s only last 2 scenes left, but i will not start rushing for today release. Plus i need extra time to encode/upload it.

P.S. There’s gonna be both versions (with/without “X-ray”) with improved sounds

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Update on release

I’m still working with new sounds – have added a lot of additional “sloppy/fart” sounds to original track. If i will finish working on “voice” part of it as well – the release is gonna be tomorrow.
Don’t want to rush, like it was before – better to take 1 more day, and have a good sound here

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