Bonus EP4 scene

Okay, so some of my supporters was asking for “all the way through” penetration, but it was too unrealistic, to be included in original EP4. But, right now i’ve done this thing, as a bonus scene.
It’s gonna be released soon for patrons, and after couple of weeks for public, as well
Right now here’s a preview available for patrons here.

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More info about the next animation

Okay, here’s a more detailed info about the next project with Quiet

It’s gonna be an “interrogation” scene, with 3 characters: Female interrogator (our POV for the whole movie – it’s gonna be similiar to “Ellie in chains”, in terms of camera-view), her Horse, and Quiet (bounded).
There’s gonna be a lot of rought action here, including some big toys and different fetishes (lesbian as well).

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Short info about sound

Just a short info.
As you know – i will compose all EP’s together very soon (with re-mastering of EP1 and EP2 – with smoother models, and better lighting, as in EP3-4).
So i will also improve sounds as well. Since EP4 was the first video with “live” actress, of course it wasn’t perfect. But this time we will make it much better, cause we have an experience.
So you can post your suggestions on sounds/voices. Thanks

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