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Ok, so here’s a first 3d Unity-loop here

“Menu” allows you to control some things, such as animation speed, sun height, and camera settings.

All physics is working in real time, so you can play around with “animation speed” slider, to check it out. Or press “jiggle scene” button, to refresh all physic objects.

Have fun
If you like it – support this project, so we can make couple of more Unity loops.

Download a VR version (only for supporters)

Download for WINDOWS: Mega, Google drive
Download for Windows (32-bit):
Google drive

Download for OS X (test): Google drive

Download for Linux: Google drive

PASSWORD: animopron


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Comments about the EP4 release

There’s a lot of insulted people here in comments. I’m checking them out only time-to-time, but the closer release date – the bigger number of stupid comments up there.

First of all – EP4 is NOT “rendered”, as some anon’s saying. Right now i have around ~16 minutes of animation rendered and composed. Last 4-5 minutes is still not rendered – i will set it on rendering pretty soon, when i will “polish” these parts.

Another Mr. “know it all” keep posting on each topic, same message about me “milking” my supporters! Do you even know how this thing is working?
Right know is a summer-time, and i would really like to travel somewhere, but i can’t! I keep working on EP4 without any days off, since i’ve start rendering first parts of it (1,5 month ago). Looks like i’am too busy “milking” my patrons, huh?
I’m trying to finish EP4 as fast as possible, but without loss in animation quality, so i can finally spend some summer days NOT in front of my computer(s).

I’m very imperturbable person, and i’m not getting insulted by some anon’ comments, but jeez… amouth of a nonsense comments are sky-high right now. Still, i will never close a comments section, so you can keep posting your nonsense here

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Update on Unity projects

Ok, while i’m working on the ending of EP4, there’s a little update on Unity projects.

So, it’s gonna be a little 3d loops, with free-camera, with real-time jiggle/hair physics. The first loop is gonna be original “Lara with horse” animation (i have created 2 years ago), converted to Unity.
Today i’ve send a first scene to developer, so i think it’s gonna be released pretty soon, before EP4

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EP4 approximate release date

Ok, so i finally can annouce the EP4 releasing date (approximate) – 17-20 July.
It’s a huge project, and it’s really hard to predict anything (sometimes, you can stuck with some things for a couple of days), but this date looks realistic to me.
I will keep you updated

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