Searching for Unity developer (ENDED)

Ok, so i’ve got a little idea of additional 3d-loops, created inside Unity engine. I’ve got a little experience in this too, but it isn’t enough, plus i’am 100% busy with 3ds max animating.

SO – i’am searching someone, with good experience in Unity game-programming, and a basic knowledge of 3ds max (it’s gonna be a huge “+” if you can also animate basic things inside it). Of course it’s not for free – this person will recieve some piece of my Patreon donations, for each project.
My email is under “Info” page.

UPDATE: Looks like i’ve found a developer already, thanks.

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Ok, i’m still working on the ending scenes. There’s gonna be two final-cumshot scenes in EP4, so it’s gonna be awesome looking. I will try to post couple of pictures later, cause right now i’m non-stop working at the ending scenes.
P.S. EP4 is gonna be released with sounds at the same day. In case anyone asking.

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