GIF preview from EP4

Check out this first GIF preview from EP4 here. Don’t forget, it’s in very “w.o.p.” state here, and the final version will be significantly better.
A new preview for patrons is here.

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Also, couple of information things: EP4 is gonna be the last episode of LWH2. There will be NOT any EP5, 6, … and so on. EP4 is gonna be about anal-action mostly, plus a few squirting scenes in it. There’s still time to suggest your ideas (positions) for this EP, if you’re my patron here. After LWH2 series will be finished, i will move onto another game-character.

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Okay, so today i’ve start working on the EP4
It’s gonna be about anal action mostly, without much soft scenes in it.

My patrons can post their ideas here, here, here and here.
I will start posting updates as soon, as i will have something to post. Stay tuned

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Ok, sound for EP3 is almost done, but i’m still need some time. It’s very hard to put sounds on the “blowjob” scenes, plus this EP is very long.

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