Update 4

Okay, the After Effects is rendering much slower, than i’ve expected… I just hope i can finish it on the very end of the day. There’s at least 3 more hours, until i can encode, and upload it on hosting.

P.S. Happy New Year everybody!

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Update 2

Ok, in a 1 hour, i will start rendering the composed project in After Effects. It will take around 1 more hour. Then, i will start encoding a different versions of it, and uploading.

Also, if someone will make a .torrent file then – you can send it on my email, so i will post it for everyone on the main page.

P.S. The full lenght of EP3 is almost 17 minutes.

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Optional download topic for EP3

Ok, release is gonna be in a few days

Also, i will release this episode without sound for now. I will remaster all “audio” anyway , after all EP’s will come out (next EP is the last one) and i will composed all episodes together.

When i was releasing EP2 before, this site is become unavailable, due to overload. So, here’s an optional topic, where i will also post download links. So you can bookmark this link and use it, if you will not be able to load animopron.com at the day of release.

Also, if you want to download a special patron-only version in 1080p – there’s still time to become a patron



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