Next render from EP3

Check out this next render here. I will also post a new GIF here in a days.

It’s definitely the hardest episode of LWH2, since there’s only 1 short “looped” segment. All other parts of animation is “uniqe”, and all hand-made – so that’s why it takes more time to pull this off. Anyway, it’s getting close to the final already.

Also, check out a new preview for supporters.


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Google Drive links

Google drive have suspended EP2 of LWH2. So, basicly, they are not allowing you to share (you can keep it for personal usage only) any of porn content here, so it was expected…
Right now i’ve disabled any sharing possibilities on my google drive, since i don’t want to have my whole account “suspended” for violating this rules a few times.
All other download links are ok.

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Just some info

Okay, just some information – originally we want to put EP3 as “anal” episode, but (as you can see) plans have changed a bit. So EP3 is gonna be mostly blowjob/deepthroat, with just some anal action at the end.

And the final EP4 is gonna be full-anal, without any doubt

So EP3 release is not so far away – there a lot of work ahead ofc, but nearly 70% is done already.

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