Final GIF from EP2 preview

Ok, catch this final GIF before release of EP2. All things done, only need to work at the final creampie scene a bit. Anyway, i will try to finish it as soon as possible

Check out this GIF from a preview, that i’ve posted for my patrons. It’s not a final render, so it’s a bit mess with her hair here.


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New render from EP 2 ending

I promise to post something here today – so here’s a little render from EP2 ending. Can’t post something more today, cause i don’t have physics for the next frames ready. I want to finish all sequence, and then make a final simulation.

Anyway, you can check it out

Also, i’ve post some new test-render for my patrons.

P.S. I use a “” to host this image, so if you’ve got any problems with viewing it – post a comment please.

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Okay, looks like this hosting service (, that i used for uploading gifs and pictures is down right now. I hope everything will return here back, when they’l get back online.

If you’ve got some more ideas about image/gif hosting, that allows adult stuff – you can post a comment at this topic

About the releasing date – i’m working hard, and i will try to post some update here today.

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Ok, i’m working on the last frames right now, i hope the release is gonna be in this week.

I will post some pre-release renders here, when it’s gonna be ready.

Also, i’ve posted some last test-render for my supporters. If you want to check out a Full HD version of EP2 first – you can also become my patron there

P.S. Also, we’ve achive +300 000 hits here, huge thanks!

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