Episode 3

Ok, i’m start working on the 3 episode.

Anal action is my favourite to create, so it’s gonna be an awesome episode. There must be a lot of different positions and stuff, so keep it up

Don’t forget to support me, in case you want to see your ideas/positions there, as well as receiveing test renders and other stuff

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LWH 2 Episode 2 RELEASE!

Here it is – the FINAL (i’ve fixed some things on the ending, so you can re-download) version of LWH2 Episode 2!

It was the hardest and longest project i’ve ever made – i’ve changed a lot of things while working on it. Anyway – it turns out very good, i hope you will also like it

Huge thanks to all my supporters – i will never do any kind of that project, without their support!

As always – all my videos are completely free – you can also reupload them on some adult website, if you want it.

But, if you really like it, you can support me via patreon – then you will recieve a special, watermark free, 1920*1080 (5 channels audio) version of ALL my latest releases. I’m paying some big money for this software i use, so it’s a big help for me. Also, you can vote for the next animation ideas and many other stuff.


Download FULLHD (1080p, 5.1 sound – 668MB) – supporters only

Watch on NaughtyMachinima.com (low quality)

Download (720p, stereo – 524MB) Torrent (pls don’t quit right after you will download it)

Download (720p, stereo – 524MB) from Google Drive

Download (720p, stereo – 524MB) from MEGA (ALT)

Download (720p, stereo – 524MB) from FileDropper

Also, if you are my patron – don’t forget to post your ideas about the next episode 3, which is gonna be full of anal action

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About the releasing date

Yesterday was finished a final fluid simulation – it takes almost 4 days (84 hours) to finish.  Right now i’m composing everything on the final scene, and then i will render the ending frames.

Also, while it was simulating, i’ve made some basic sound design.

So the release is gonna be soon, it’s mostly depends on rendering speed now.

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Okay, right now i’m waiting for the final fluid-simulation. Right after this, the whole project is gonna be finished. Final lenght is ~12000 frames, which is 8 minutes and a few seconds (without intro and titles).

The approximate release date is June, 21

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Some new render from ending of EP2

Right now i’m polishing some last things, such as cameras and other stuff – i will start rendering the ending scene in a days.

Since all the basic stuff is ready – here you can check out some nice render with stomach bulge


Also, you can check out a little teaser render with cum, if you are patron.


P.S. The whole creampie scene is pretty long, and it’s going to be the best 3d-creampie scene, that i ever made. It looks really awesome

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Render from a creampie sequence

Ok, i was unavailable for 3 days, due to connection problems. But i’m still working all these days, and here you go – a final render, before a release!

Cum looks not that good here, cause right now i’ve found a better solution to smooth this up a bit

Also, i’ve post some nice test-render for my patrons.


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About pomf.se, and other stuff

Okay, so pomf.se is dead – this site is shutted down permanentely. I’ve reupload\refresh some links on the 1 page of this website – so tell me if something still no available for you. Maybe i will refresh another pages too, but after release of EP2, when i will have some time.

About the release – i’m still working. It’s a very long animation (it’s almost the same lenght, as all of my previous animations composed together), so i want to make sure everything is looking good – i’ve rerendered some things today, that didn’t look the way i want them to be. Also, i’ve add some additional details, particles and stuff.

So as said – i will soon post some pre-release renders, and then it’s gonna be a release.

P.S. Also, you can check out almost all of my GIF’s there (can’t say about banners and other rubbish – i use adBlock there, so you better also have it installed in your browser, to avoid problems).

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