4 final full-res rendered from upcoming EP2

Okay, today i’ve finaly render all AO stuff, and compose all frames i’ve got for now. It’s now only left some ending and sound stuff. Can’t say exactly when the release is gonna be, but it’s very close.

I really like this animation, it’s the best of all my works so far. It was a lot of changes throughout the development, and i really happy that it’s almost finished. Hope you will also like it

Right here you can check out a 4 full-res frames, from the final version of animation.

Also, if you like this project, and want to see your (nick)name in titles – there’s still time to become a patron There’s also another full-res preview available here.


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Okay, i’ve made some 6 minutes pre-render to check this out, and all i can say – it looks really awesome, i really like the result so far

EP 2 is gonna be the longest animation i’ve done, and it’s totally worth time i’ve spend on this. It’s gonna be +8 minutes of action there, with combined cameras, nice 1-st person (and “bottom”) views and a huge cumshot at the end

P.S. There’s a new little vote-poll, about “1-st person” camera orientation for my supporters.

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Ok, i’m still rendering, a lot of frames done already. I will post next update tomorrow.

Right now you can check out another comparsion with Ambien Occlusion off\on:

I will use AO only for cam-views, and 1-st person angles. You can also check out a AO test render on my patreon.

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Next GIF from rendered frames

Ok, as i promise – here’s a next GIF from rendered frames i’ve got. About of 5 minutes of animation is rendered at the moment. This part was pretty hard to render, cause of “combined” view.

Tomorrow i will post a big full-res rendered preview with this, for my supporters on patreon.


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2 GIF from rendered frames

Okay, i’m already have rendered ~3 minutes of animation It was the hardest part to render, cause it was a lot work with texture-replacement here. Right now you can check out this GIF from a final version of a buttslapping scene.

Also, there’s a third rendered preview available for my patrons.


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Ambient occlusion

Ok, right now i’m rendering EP 2. You can already check out a very first rendered preview on my patreon, if you are my supporter.

Also, i’ve spend some time today on AO stuff. I find a way to render AO passes with correct alpha-channels. You can check it out below. But there’s a problem – each AO pass is really slow on rendering. It takes about 2 minutes to render a single good-quality AO pass. So – if we’ll reach a next milestone on patreon – i will buy a second PC to render AO passes, if you will like how it looks.

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