2000$ landmark on Patreon.


We have reach a next landmark on Patreon! Huge thanks to everyone who support me!

As i promised, i will now buy some new high-end Core i7 machine, so i will be available to render with V-Ray (which will improve visual quality of animations). Or – to render 4K resolution, with old renderer.

As always – if you like my works, and you want me to move forward – support me via Patreon. Or – you can also help me with reposting my works around the internet. Feel free to reupload, or repost my animations/GIF’s/pictures anywhere you want (on +18 websites ofc ).

Thanks for supporting&following

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Ok, i’m working on penetration part of EP2 right now. I will post next update tomorrow, i guess.

Also, by only 3 days, i’ve got like +73 GB of bandwidth transfer. And i only got 600 GB per month available. So i really need to reupload my GIF’s and PNG’s to some kind of side hosting. I really don’t expect that.

Also, check out these 2 better-quality versions of previous gifs (6 MB each). Don’t forget to become my patron, if you like my works – there tons of different patron-only stuff available there!

Feel free to repost it, or reupload somewhere

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Another GIF from EP2

Okay, so i decide to put this now already. We almost hit 2000$ goal on patreon, so here the second short GIF, with ballsucking. You can check out whole scene-preview at my patreon.

Enjoy. Be sure to repost it, or upload somewhere.

Also, i still compress these GIFs sub-2 mb’s (It comes from tumblr, which is not accept +2 mb GIFs). If you want me to post HQ GIFs here also – let me know in comments.



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Uploading my videos on my hosting

This player from goggle drive works really bad – most of time it shows some errors while trying to play.

So, i can basicly upload my videos on my hosting, and use some video player to load videos exacly from the site. BUT – i’ve got 500 GB limit (per month) on my hosting. So it doesn’t looks like a good idea for now (my last videos about ~200MB each). But i can change my hosting plan to more expensive, with 2000 GB (still not the best, but they ain’t got unlimited plans).

What do you think?

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My new blog!

Well, after my second blog on tumblr was banned again, i decide to host my own new blog on payed hosting. Too bad, that them tumblr admins can’t even differ some real stuff, and non-real 3d animations.

So, this is my new place. Be sure to add this site to faw, if you are my supporter or just like my works. It will take some time for me, to learn about this “wordpress” website and how to manage it.

I will change some appearance here, but you can be sure to enter this site safe – i will never add here some stupid banners with trojans or something else – thanks to my supporters on patreon. I’ve got enough money to pay for this hosting and domain.


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