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    • Indeed! I just can’t decide if I’d prefer it to be vaginal/anal, or oral…
      It would be a great scene as she slides down on the cock, unable to stop it from going deeper. Probably in missionary position, so we can see the head protruding from her belly, while the walls of the womb would be the only thing supporting her weight.
      But on the other hand, seeing someone lying on back (or making a bridge) lifted on the cock, while deepthroated is much more rare, and I like to see new stuff that hasn’t been done (much) yet.
      That way, when she’s carried to the stone, her legs can also land on the side wall.
      She would be glad to reach the “ground”, only to quickly realize it’s a vertical wall. As she straightens her legs to push/kick away that barrier, the horse thrusts against her = insane deepthroat.

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