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  1. well, im following the creators progress and my personal projected release sate is 2-3 week of may. and that, i believe is a non-sound version

  2. The perfect angle for the climax of the horse. Lara’s belly will be definitely full of sperm and through the edge of the platform will be all sealed inside. Amazing work Animo!

  3. Thanks to that angle, Horse will have bigger field for acceleration. Unfortunately for Lara, that means that cock ring will scrap against her sternum in most uncomfortable way.
    I wonder, exactly, where are her intestines, heart, lungs and whole other lot?

    • Скоро, чувак, скоро. Все уже ждут с нетерпением. Уж очень хочется посмотреть финальную сцену, и ту, где Лара висит на лошади. Хотя, кому я пизжу, я хочу целиком увидеть этот шедевр!!

  4. Animo, man, where some liquids simulations in painful motions here (thought some had them in “Ellie In Chains”, but whatever, not like “copro-turning ideas”)? Now liquids gone or that would be in render postprocess? Or that was a test?

  5. So she first get brutal lifting action and then puts on the collar and continues to get fucked. Holy shit her ass won’t be the same again

  6. Hey Animo! Have u found a voice actress for all this crazy sh*t? In a long ago comment u said u would remake all episodes sounds with va? Even if not ep4 will be fu**ing hot

      • Jenny,, please, go fuck yourself above the wall and dont take an answer on lanquage you doesnt know. Serious, stop. Or you might be next persona of Animo’s work. And also everyone knows, how you not pleasurable and not beauty (if that disturb someone). So stay off.

  7. Чувак, завязывай ныть “когда”? Не видишь, что тут страшная сучища с недоебом просит, чтобы ее таким дрючком выебали. Видать тоже очередная лара крофт. Не видишь, что у нее крыша (и не только) течет, что на каждый комментарий на русском она отвечает на эстонском (шучу, но это точно какой-то из при/балтийских). Обложите ее хуями на английском (или на китайском, пусть поймет тогда).

    Animo, sorry, man, this madness never stop until homos breathin’.

    • 4ybak 3arblashr hibit koraa. He banans 4to tit ctpawna cuskanw cy4na cykshyck heaomsna nponts, 4tobi ee taknm apshkno. Bnsa toxe oy4cahara napa knpots. He bnasna, 4tyo y hee pkwia s (n he tonnko) tyet, 4to ha kaxnmska kommehtna ha pycckom ha otbeyat ha 3catcos /whysa, ho 3tyo toyha kakon-to n3 npn/6tnasknka). O6ntas ee xyrma ha arntnkosm (ntnt ha kmonst, nyctb nonmet toraa).

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