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    • rofl, that device pullin inside with cock (not the cockblow) – lara screaming to have mind what she miss something need to do))

  1. Fingers crossed but I really hope that the final scene ends with Lara getting a deep anal and the horse cums so much it starts pouring out from her mouth.

    • I would find this a little dumb, too… I don’t understand all these guys who absolutely want a river of cum. I have even read “that drips out from the ears and eye sokets”… o_O You have weird phantasms, guys…

      • You’re literally watching a video game character take horse cock far enough into her ass and throat to show it pushing against her stomach and chest. Her face and every bone in her torso should be broken. She should have suffocated by now and should probably be dead. Cum coming out through her mouth shouldn’t even be that much of a stretch since the cock can almost reach her throat anyway. Just turn her upside down and it’d actually make more sense than anything else if the horse cums half as much as it did in EP3.

        Aren’t we at weird ‘phantasm’ already?

        • Lol yes I know We are already at weird phantasm (sorry if the term is incorrect… Maybe should I say “fantasy” ? In french we say “fantasme”) Though, in my point of view, a sexy little bitch taking a big dick in her ass or in her throat, even if she’s a video game character and if the dick is the one of a horse, it’s still some hard action so it’s not so weird in this sense. But 50 litters of cum that overflow from everywhere… what’s the turn on !? … Oh, and i don’t like so much the horse dick so long that it push her chest like a jelly cake. I would have preferred Lara taking something a bit less crazy, more realistic, at least in lenght but girth is good ! ;-). Something like the ogre’s dick from the vid with Ellie, in fact (I saw in a comment that the next episode would be with the ogre, again ! So cool ! ) … In short, I like the fantastic and extreme porn but not completely out there. It’s a real turn-off for me ! But to each his own phantasm/fantasy, I guess…

        • lol I understand why you find it not dumb if you think our digestive system is ‘just one long tube’. Not only would this be dumb but more importantly that would look stupid.

    • that would be punish like Hina-Bitch EP2, non practicide, too rubby and too dumbest director moves. but may be (maybe!) that would be more useful than fucking Hina.

  2. That’s a brilliant idea… And you are a genius… you keep making people fantasy come true.. Thanks so much… Again I hope is going to be row and kinky…

  3. This is stupid! Better well as it puts the entire length of Lara! Realism is not needed! Leave realism for the usual porn
    Google translator, I hope you do not disappoint me… Russian fan Animo pron

    • In fact, there is a big part of realism in his work… The animation of the bodies, in particular when Lara takes cock strokes but also many graphic details like the skin texture, the veins on the cock, the interior of Lara’s destroyed asshole, the secretion trace stretching down on the cock as it pounds deeper, etc… And I find it essential ! So yes, we need realism ! More exactly, we need a good balance between realism and fantastic ! And I think Animo manage it pretty good !

  4. Oh my. I think that Liara had this retrieved after she received penetration to the ring, little earlier in pictures; so she could be fucked really hard, but not life-threateningly. Too bad for her that this WILL NOT work:) I really look forward to sound of her screaming and moaning after inevitable full ass-penetration by horse cock, enhanced by this little toy…

  5. When the ejection horse penis will be pumped so much that the strap explode or gets stuck inside Amazing work Animo!
    Ps. Please do not hurry, the animation quality is better than early release.

  6. I think two options of what can happen here, either the collar makes him harder and bigger, kind of like a cock ring, or the horse goes so rough that the collar penetrates her, and makes it difficult for it to get out, allow the horse to penetrate deeper than before, and possibly holding in the cum when he shoots off probably one of the biggest loads yet

  7. Maybe the collar will just slide off to the end of the horse’s cock, or maybe it will get stuck on the tip, or maybe BOTH!

  8. I bet she thought this would keep her safe from too deep penetration, but she has gotten surprised again, This leather cock string will block horse’s blood flow, enlarging the thing significally, and making it hard as a rock. Therefore she will get it all the way through with a thick steel waterpipe xD of an enraged stallion. Poor girl, happy audience xD

    • Sounds very good to me… I’d really like that the hardness of the cock will be captured well (stretched skin, swollen veins…) The stallion will go mad !

    • Please, we wouldn’t want snuff action, would we? Especially considering action that Liar allowed us to see in the past. I think that the only thing that may actually go all the way through is his cum.
      Or maybe, just maybe, this load will be of such size that only a small amount wiil escape, and Liar will end up with quadruplets-looking stomach. Now that could be the sight…

  9. I think a better option for an all the way through penetration is that maybe Animopron might do a Sci Fi video in future involving a very long and thick tentacle anatomically going in the ass and out the mouth showing the outline of it outside as it navigates it’s way through. The showing how it’s moving inside as it fucks her.

    • Nice try, dude. Its copro- and gore- turns, not the porn already. So what you think you want to see: porn (in a way sometime extreme) or anime-style penetrations (neverless they are in 3d motion)?

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