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  1. Mmmh… Cute little ass opened like a flower… At the same time, it was foreseeable considering the size of the dick ! Good job, horsy ! Good job !

  2. The more we wait the more promising it becomes :)) is the horse scratching his head with the left hoof? ;] can’t see it, it could hang down imo

  3. Animo, dude, kill this camera, it originally disturbing like a homevideo made crooked hands. broke that thingy with some aggressive motion in prelast scene (if you want, of course).
    other else is very fine. some internal ideas published earlier by other anons, but this strange how similar our minds, lol:)

  4. Oh, she’s hurt…. now she will try to slide down the stone table side, just to get surprised again by an doggy style butt fuck? lol

    • Lara will now lie exhausted on the stone, the horse will run and tries to jump over it to the other side.
      She lifts on all four at the moment of the jump (because she doesn’t see it coming) and gets “impaled” while he’s mid-air.
      The impact slows the horse down, so he lands with it’s hind legs still on the altar, but can’t catch a balance and slowly slides down from it, into Lara.

  5. It seems the horse showed mercy and let her off without an inflatio. Hopefully the horse acts on his own now – piercing her from behind without her notice with full might until the final explosion and cum gushing out from her ass and mouth

  6. This looks greatful Animo. Lara with horse is a awesome serie and animation. I hope your next project will be fantastic too. Greetz to you and congratulations for your work, keep it on

  7. Lara will never be satisfied with anything else after this horse is done with her. Talk about ruined, lol.

  8. oh please make it go All The Way Through ?
    please please please, love to see her jaw drop, her lips part and the flared head come popping out.

  9. Hi, everybody! And nobody knows when already at last there is this episode (at least approximately?) Also excuse me for awful English – I translated from Russian on angliysy with Googl Transleyt help.

  10. Говорит, что нет. Но возможно, когда нибудь будет. Или что-то вроде бонусных эпизодов. Сейчас, видимо, ему есть чем (и кем) заняться – она тоже сидит и троллит. Чуваку есть куда направить потенциал))

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