2 GIF from rendered frames

Okay, i’m already have rendered ~3 minutes of animation It was the hardest part to render, cause it was a lot work with texture-replacement here. Right now you can check out this GIF from a final version of a buttslapping scene.

Also, there’s a third rendered preview available for my patrons.


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2 Responses

  1. getting closer and closer. On what date do you think this will be finished?
    I hope it’s on the 27th for my b-day.

  2. Gets me thinking, could there ever be a “full” project, short video or not based on just spanking *but* here’s the twist: With a *much* bigger butt. While this gif and scene it belongs to will look decent enough, a small butt just isn’t made for long-time spank sessions. As for the release, I’ve waited until now, I can wait even longer. Will get the final result only better instead of just rushing it out.

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