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  1. thx so much we are ready lol !! i'm europe, so for me it would be 31th, sunday, -looks sad- because i have time difference , but tysm, i have been waiting for this for so long
    thank you so much animo, ♥♥♥ love you so much!! and can't wait for your next creations ♥ let's rock ♥ (soon ^^) your the best animo

  2. Next time would you please wait to say the “official” release date until you know that you can actually release it then?

      • if he’s an idiot that must mean you can produce better content.

        ….well what are you waiting for, make better content.

    • It’s not that it takes time, it’s that he promises and promotes a release date and then postpones that 5 fucking times. Serious lack of PR skills, horribly annoying and looks a lot like milking the hype.

    • do you understand that all this commotion is coming from people who enjoy masturbating to horse porn? Noone here is rational, quit with that talk

  3. After 9 hours – my hard drive burned and all that is left from EP4 is ashes, so next official release – Somewhere around July 2026 !

  4. Thank you Mr. Animo , could it be possible to uplaod the sound voice of Sonya for modding a video game, please ?

  5. Ми-ми-ми. Будем скоро посмотреть:)
    Сим провозглашаю данный сайт – путеводным маяком в мире Анонимных дрочеров (Истинных ценителей и эстетов) на Ларок и коняшек)

  6. Take as long as you want and need, sure. That’s fair, quality takes time and all that and that’s fine. But the fucky behavior here is that you promise and promote a release date, and then postpone that. 5 times now. Really looks like milking, even if it in reality isn’t. You need to seriously brush up on your PR skills ’cause this is ridiculous. Had you initially just said “I don’t know how long it’ll take” then everything would be fine and then give a release date like 1-2 days in advance with some leeway.

  7. Luckily u can already watch it online without downloading it. Easily the best episode out of the 4, Animo really outdone himself with the job. GJ


    I took out 0.3 cause the deepthroat scene was weaker than the last ones.

    • I like to think of this as a trilogy, since EPs 1 and 2 were both vaginal. Hope there will be a version where all 4 EPs are put together in one long vid.

      Since you have seen it already, can you actually see the shaft of the horse’s penis in Lara’s mouth when he’s doing her anally, or was that more of an optical illusion? Thx in advance for response.

  8. I hope the file wouldn’t be too heavy, i download at 70kb/s and i don’t know if my dick could wait another day ;_;

  9. Same old story. People whining when a release date has been mentioned. People whining when no release date has been mentioned. And, for some reason: people assuming everyone speaks Russian.

  10. Thank you Mr Animo, also could it be possible to upload the voice sound of Sonya for modding a video game , please ?

  11. This site is getting beyond unstable!! WTF is going on???!!! Its like the site is falling apart.
    took me like 14 refresh to reach this page.
    “Resource Limit Is Reached”

  12. I’m from the future. The year is 3487. Animo has just said that the release date has been postponed another 5 seconds. Patiently waiting.

  13. This should be now , dude.. between 17-19 , where is it? Put it in me already
    I mean… put it on the site

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